Each night, up to 12 men, women and youth will use our emergency,
overnight shelter. You can help support their transition back to
independent living by donating today.


Our costs cover specialized support, a safe warm bed, access to basic necessities, three meals a day, referrals to appropriate supportive services, access to resources to get back to independent living, and so much more!

Did You Know?

The average cost to support someone who is experiencing homelessness is approximately $45.00 each night in our emergency shelter.


With a capacity of up to 12 individuals, this amounts to about $520 per night to run our program.

Make a difference in our community!
Whether you can donate one night or many,  any night matters to those who are experiencing homelessness in our community.

beds filled every night by Men, Women & Youths


meals provided a week to our guests


dollars to provide for 1 bed, 1 night

Sponsoring a bed is a great opportunity for you or your organization to make a real difference in the community.


To continue to provide our specialized services to AOTC guests, we need people, like you, who are committed to the vision of helping people through a crisis period in their lives.


Your sponsorship will make such a difference to someone experiencing homelessness in our community.


Your sponsorships help us with:


· Specialized staff, available 7 days a week;
· Trained volunteers for all shifts, 7 days a  week;
· Case management and referral resources;
· Lifestyle skills development;
· Food costs;
· Site utilities;
· Personal & emotional support;
· Toiletries and personal items;
· Transportation needs;
· Building expenses and renos;
· Program & operational supplies;
· Mattresses, linen & laundry services; and
· Administrative costs and much more!
Alliston Out Of The Cold Building Exterior

As a seasonal Alliston Out of the Cold bed sponsor, you/your business will be listed on our Donor Wall – for guests to see that there are members of the community who care about them.


Additionally, all sponsors will be listed on the Donor page or our website.

Sponsor a Bed

If you would like to help us break the cycle of homelessness by Sponsoring a Bed, you can become a sponsor by pledging in the following ways…


1 BED FOR 1 NIGHT = $45


12 BEDS FOR 1 NIGHT = $520


12 BEDS FOR 1 WEEK = $3650